How To Participate

Keen to participate in the Kindness Badge Award this year? Here’s how:

KBA Phase 1

If you are new to the KBA programme, please sign up for the workshop here.

KBA Phase 2

If you have attended the workshop, please refer to the following templates.

Submit a proposal to SKM before starting your own kindness campaign!

Item Date/Period
Submission of KBA Project Proposal January 2023 – 08 May 2023
KBA Project Approval Within 2 weeks from submission date
KBA Project Execution (by schools) After receiving approval
Submission of KBA Project Report 21 August 2023
Kindness Awards Ceremony January 2024

Note: Students that attend the KBA workshops (Phase 1) held from July to August 2023 may complete their projects
(Phase 2) the following year and will receive the kindness badge in 2024.