KBA Programme Details

There are two phases of the KBA programme:

KBA Phase 1

Students would attend the ‘One-of-a-Kind Workshop’, an interactive workshop that equips them with either project management skills or social media marketing skills, for the execution of physical initiatives and digital campaigns respectively.

Workshop A – Implementing Physical Campaigns Workshop B – Implementing Digital Campaigns
Key project management skills Social media marketing skills
Planning and problem-solving tools Digital content creation
Hands-on activities Hands-on activities

Upon completion of the workshop, students would receive a token of acknowledgement.

KBA Phase 2

Students would apply the skills gained from the ‘One-of-a-Kind Workshop’ to execute a physical initiative or digital campaign on their chosen kindness topic. They are to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select a topic and think about your campaign’s objective
  2. Brainstorm specific ideas for your campaign
  3. Submit a project proposal to SKM*
  4. Carry out your campaign after getting approval from SKM
  5. Submit a final project report to SKM
  6. Achieve the kindness badge!

*Each Uniformed Group may submit a maximum of 3 projects.

Crossover Badge

Being kind does not limit itself only within the Uniformed Group that you are in. Students from Scouts and Girl Guides may come together to form a team (of up to 12 members) and implement a kindness campaign. They will be awarded with an additional Crossover Badge for their collaborative effort.

KBA Timeline 2022

Item Date/Period
Submission of KBA Project Proposal January 2022 – 09 May 2022
KBA Project Approval Within 2 weeks from submission date
KBA Project Execution (by schools) After receiving approval
Submission of KBA Project Report 22 August 2022
Kindness Awards Ceremony November 2022

Students that attend the KBA workshops (Phase 1) held from June to October 2022 may complete their projects (Phase 2) the following year and will receive the kindness badge in end-2023.

Did you know?

You may apply for the Seed Kindness Fund (SKF) as you embark on KBA Phase 2. For more information, please visit the SKF website.

For other enquiries, please email [email protected]