Yuying Secondary School

In Cyber Kindness We Trust!


Uniformed Group: NCC (Land) – Group C
Done by: Muhamad Danish Fahry Bin Muhamad Padil, Muhammad Aqasha Agus Bin Fadhlullah, Izz Hamizan Danish Bin Harun, Izz Hazim Danial Bin Harun, Ezra Tan, Chong Cheng Yu, Aaron Sim Shi Han.

Theme: Cyber Kindness

To discuss the importance of having good etiquette when engaged in online gaming and online shopping, the cadets initiated an Instagram account where they posted comics and quotes linked to the topic. Through their project reflections, they highlighted that kindness is a two-way street as everyone can play their part to cultivate a better cyberspace by having respect and empathy for one another during interactions in the virtual world.