Yuan Ching Secondary School

A Card to Say “Thank You”

“Kindness is about sharing joy. The ripples of kindness are truly endless.”

By: Chua Di An, Ong Jing Jie, Kevan, Anzum Musharrat, Oh Hon Wai Denzel, Lok Zi Ying, Lee Kian Tat

Encourage residents to exhibit acts of kindness towards one another and recognise residents who have made an effort to do so.

To bring joy to the residents and encourage them to do the same to others.

Jurong West Street 52 Market and Food Centre.

Cards with positive quotes were given to random people in the community, along with sweets and snacks.

133 cards were given out, giving the team an opportunity to do something good for the community. Response from the public was heart-warming and encouraging.