Yishun Town Secondary School

Calm with Casia


Uniformed Group: Girl Guides
By: Gwen Koh Kai Ting, Kayal Pugazhendhi, Sia Angie, Nur Hazimah Binte Othman, Leow Pei Chen, Chieng Yong Yu, Julia Anne Tok, Demisia Ong Huixuan, Chan Ying Nuo.

Theme: Mental wellness and Empathy

To create posts and stories on Instagram that will help students practice self-care and learn how to love themselves. We also aim to spread awareness about mental health and self-care tips. We want them to learn how to prioritise themselves and teach people to be more empathetic towards students facing stress and understand signs of someone struggling. We hope to show them that it’s okay to love yourself. Through this Instagram page, we hope that students who are currently facing stress from different aspects such as school work and family issues will overcome the dark phases and walk towards hope and happiness.