Yishun Secondary School

YSS_SMC (social media champions )


Uniformed Group: National Cadet Corps
By: Malcolm Pang Jun Kui, Thinesh Rajan Sri Yuvanesh Rajan, Ethan tan hong rui, Mikhail Hakim Bin Kamarozzaman, Brian Au Yu Feng, Wong Kar Zun Caden, Muhammad Raiyan Afiq Muhammad Shawal, Niq Danish Bin Ghazali.

Theme: Cyber-Kindness

Our idea is to create a campaign to raise awareness about cyberbullying. Currently, bullying is present in comments on videos and online posts. People may post negative comments about others and they think it is acceptable since they are hiding behind the screen. We want to stop that and make it a friendly online community.

Therefore, our objective is to promote cyber wellness and cyber kindness. We hope to do this through a series of Instagram posts, as social media is the most popular medium to distribute bite-sized news. We will share how people can protect themselves and those around them. We will also share some tips on how people can show kindness to others online and use technology to uplift others.