Yishun Secondary School

YSS Good Neighbours


Uniformed Group: National Cadet Corps
By: Lincoln Low Zi Long, Muhammad Ariel Iqbaal Bin Ismadi, Vrion Chan, Chin Jun Hong Alfred, Muhammad Faris Bin Iskandar, Muhammad Zihni Bin Mohamad Fazli.

Theme: Neighbourliness

Our idea is to create a campaign to raise awareness about how some locals are suffering from selfish acts that their neighbours are doing, either intentionally or unintentionally. These are some problems that are currently happening: neighbours may be dragging furniture and playing loud music after 10p.m. They may be littering in the corridor or obstructing the corridor with their plants. They may also be hanging clothes outside that are dripping with water.

Therefore, our objective is to raise awareness on what is considered inconsiderate behaviour. We hope that people can be responsible and understand their neighbours’ needs and racial/religious practices. We also want to provide the audience with tips/ways to improve their neighbourliness or how to be a better neighbour. We hope to do this through a series of Instagram posts, as social media is the most popular medium to distribute bite-sized news. We hope that after this project, people will show care towards their neighbours and not be selfish.