Yishun Secondary School

YSS_MEW (Mental Empathy Wellness)


Uniformed Group: National Cadet Corps
By: Russell Wu (Group Leader), Ng Zhi Xuan, Goh Jie Han Javier, Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Sarizan, Yassin Tazi, Toh Yong Can, Tristan Lim Jun Xiong.

Theme: Mental Wellness and Empathy

Our idea is to create a campaign to raise awareness for people with mental illnesses or mental health problems. People with mental illnesses usually go through a lot more problems and challenges than we think. Despite that, people still label them as ‘weird’ or ’disgusting’ just because it’s funny. We felt that criticizing and labeling others just because of their mental disorders is just unacceptable.

Therefore, our objective is to change the mindsets of those who label the mentally disabled. We hope to do this through a series of Instagram posts, as social media is the most popular medium to distribute bite-sized news. We hope for people to show empathy towards the mentally disabled after this project.