West Spring Secondary School

Being Safe With Us


Uniformed Group: Girl Guides – Group B
Done by: Emelia Liu Enqi, Liang Le-Er Yuki, Jolin Chia Jia Ning, Soh Rui Han Charlotte, Lee Jiaxuan, Jaime Wong Zi Rui, Natasha Angeline Chow, Tay Zhi Xuan Bria, Alice Lee Hui Ting, Audrey Mel Paca, Cheng Ai Li Kelly, Liew Fang Yun Cindy, Ng Sao Min, Mirra Syamilah Binte Jumani.

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

The Guides embarked on an Instagram campaign with the objective of sharing content on mental wellness and inculcating in their audience the notion of care and concern for others. They published a variety of posts focused on reducing the mental illness stigma and on ways to help oneself and others manage mental well-being. All in all, the group hoped to highlight the importance of being empathetic and tactful when having dialogues on mental health.