Swiss Cottage Secondary School

The Gift Of Mind

Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group B
Done by: Mah Chun Li, Raidu Naga Jayandra Kumar, Muhammad Hazim Syakhir Bin Sufaat, Annadurai Amruth Krishna, Chua Jia Xian Zoey, Mahalakshmi Saravanan Aadhash.

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

The Gift Of Mind aimed to improve the mental well-being of the elderly by getting the younger generations involved. For their physical campaign, the cadets set up a booth for students to craft origami figurines or write a short thank you note. The cards and crafts were later gifted to the elderly in Bukit Batok Home for The Aged. Furthermore, Instagram posts were also designed to encourage greater bonding opportunities between the elderly and younger generation.