Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Unwind Your Mind


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air)
By: Saravanan Kishore, Natarajan Anitha Piraviniesvar, Johnathon Yeo, Nedunchezhiyan Bharani Prajethraj, Mansoor Bin Shahul Hameed, Vijayakumar Anandhan, Huang Rui An, V Akhilesh, Nur Hidayah Mohd Jumari, Daneera Adawiyah Muhammad Fairuz, Justin Yam Chen Jun.

Theme: Promoting Positive Mental Well-Being

Our project, Unwind our Mind, aims to create awareness about stress and its causes and effects to students, help students survey the stress levels of the school for them to get a gist of their own self and provide ways for them to help destress themselves and cope with stress, thus maintaining a positive mental well-being. Through this project, we want students to relieve themselves from stress from studies, peer pressure etc.