Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Everyone Matters


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air)
By: Ng Kwok Heng Leonard, Hillary Kee, Charlotte-Faith Tay, Jayden Yea Rui Jun, Teo Ya Ting Jolin, Ramesh Lackshvan Narain, Chua Yu Xi, Chiew Yee Wai, Parthiban Srivarthan, Nitro Ong Kah Yong.

Theme: Good health, wellbeing and reduced inequalities for orphans

Our goal is to raise awareness about the underprivileged children in our society as in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, not many people are paying attention to and actively helping them. The less fortunate in our society are also generally looked down upon or neglected, so we want to foster a sense of empathy towards them instead. We also want to get students to donate items to us via a donation booth, and allow students to understand that we should be grateful for the things we own and we should share them with the less fortunate children/youths. We also want to give the underprivileged children a sense of belonging and let them feel that there are people who care about them. We hope that our actions will contribute to promoting positive well-being for the less fortunate and help reduce inequalities for them.