St Patrick’s School

Nurturing Mental Wellness with Empathy and Kindness


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group B
Done by: Ong Yao Wei James, Vijayandran Deepshan, Parvesh Pal Singh, Noah Ihsan Bin Ahmad Irfan, Ahmad Anaqi Muhammad Azami, Jeevesh S/O Rajeev, Seth Ryan Anaqy Bin Shahriman.

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

The team selected Mental Wellness & Empathy as their KBA project topic as they wanted to break the stigma linked to mental health. Their online campaign focused on the importance of reaching out for help when one is struggling with his or her emotions, so that people can feel more supported as they learn to address problems. The cadets also posted about positive practices that individuals can do for their mental well-being, such as exercising and practising gratitude.