St Patrick’s School

Online Cyber Defenders


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group A
Done by: Loh Yuanwei Jayden, Raiyan Solihin Bin Arlianto, Rifat Ismail Marican, Robin Chee Rui Sian, Maximillian Neo Titan, Kayden Tay Kai Rui, Caleb Hertslet P Naidu.

Theme: Cyber Kindness

Seeing that digital platforms are increasingly being used for various purposes, the cadets aimed to educate and remind people about being safe online. They set up an Instagram account and posted content highlighting the importance of being cautious with personal information and identifying scams online. They also talked about looking out for others by educating one another about online threats, as people can exercise kindness by helping others be more aware of such issues.