St. Joseph’s Institution

The Cyber Upstanders


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group C
Done by: Jaeden Etienne Ng, Ryan Tan Wei Ren, Chava Vishruth, Vishesh Jain, Bhaskar Revathi Krish, Seah Hong Yi, Ariel Aiman Bin Noorisman, Benjamin Tng, Tan Zhi Yong Andrew.

Theme: Cyber Kindness

Delving deep into cyberbullying, the cadets launched a series of postings outlining the steps one can take in the face of cyberbullying. A multi-faceted approach was developed by the cadets, with advice for the victims and witnesses to ask a trusted adult for help and to provide emotional support. Interestingly, the cadets considered and empathized with cyberbullies who may be victims themselves and sought understanding for them. With an emphasis on practicing kindness online, the cadets advocated for a friendlier cyber-environment by combating against cyberbullying.