St. Joseph’s Institution

The Kindness Crusaders


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group A
Done by: Kavin Manavazhagan, Dong Jun Kai, Chen Qiwen Andrew, Wee Cheng En Mathieu, Ethan Choo Jiong Cheng, Aaron Goh, Abhinand Ram Koottala, Alson Mook, Kothandaraman Sanjay, Ethan Ng Mun Hoe.

Theme: Cyber Kindness

The cadets curated an Instagram campaign to share information about appropriate cyber etiquette, such as being mindful of one’s choice of words online. They also posted a short video of their schoolmate who shared how he has experienced cyber kindness. The cadets’ green-themed Instagram page meant to signify harmony and relate to their school colour, and they hoped their kindness campaign would motivate their peers to reflect on different ways to be kind online.