Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Project Tortue Violette


Uniformed Group: NCC (Land) – Group B
Done by: Ashley Grace Chong, Anneke Maria Janssen, Jovita Ann Simon, Koh Wensyn, Rachelle Cham, Sophie Mok Xi Bin, Tay Kai Ying, Velu Tanyasri, Yew Ya Xi.

Theme: Mental Wellness and Empathy

Titled ‘Project Tortue Violette,’ this initiative was aimed at raising awareness of the significance of mental wellness and empathy. It was targeted towards young individuals at risk of experiencing mental health challenges and those who interact with individuals facing such issues. Over several weeks, the team regularly posted content that provided strategies for demonstrating care to individuals with mental illnesses or those requiring additional support. The students sought to foster greater understanding and support within their community.