River Valley High School

Gift of Kindness

“Being kind to others does not require the bravery of a lion, but it just needs us to be a little bit more courageous.”

By: Janice Kok Jea, Nyeo Yi Lei Eilace, Steffi Tan Xin Min, Thaddaeus Tan Jian Quan, Ng Wei Zhi, Ernest, Phoe Chuan Yi, Benny.

To encourage Singaporeans to be kinder by raising their awareness on the effects of receiving kindness, and how easy it is to share the joy.

Believe that Singaporeans do not lack empathy, but lack responsiveness and courage that is required to be a kinder society.

In public areas (including Plaza Singapura and Orchard)

Students of River Valley High encouraged members of the public to write encouraging notes for another person. Coupons were also distributed; participants were encouraged to pass the coupons to someone else, allowing that person to exchange it for a goodie pack.

Passersby were participative and encouraging; one of the quote left on the Post-It notes read, “Kindness is everything but insignificant”.