Peirce Secondary School

Your Thoughts Matter

Uniformed Group: St John Brigade
Done by: Kevin Goh Yong Le, Pugazhenthi Harini, Ashvinie Sagar, Loh Hao Ming Gerald, Dario Ling Yi Hao, Wang Maggie, Tham Wei Jun, Soh Tian Qing, Glenice Chung Meng Yan, Loh Zhi Xuan Louisha

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

In their efforts to raise awareness of mental well-being, the cadets crafted a video featuring interviews with their peers and delivered a presentation on the topic. Their primary objective was to instil an understanding of the vital role mental health plays in one’s overall well-being and to inspire their peers to foster kindness and support within the community. Through these efforts, they sought to create a more compassionate and empathetic environment in their school.