Peicai Secondary School

Kindness is a Boomerang

Uniformed Group: Girl Guides
Done by: Tia Tan In Xuan, Mckayla Grae Vitug Gemenez, Jasne Althea, Sharel Chew, Katelyn Leong Shu Min, Wang Yi Xin, Lim Kai Xuan Janice, Nur Fitri Ramadhani Binte Yusman, Nur Irdina Binte Mohamed Asrul, Jolene Tan En Qi.

Theme: General Kindness

Hoping to encourage kindness and consideration towards others, a team of Girl Guides from Peicai Secondary School spearheaded a campaign called ‘Kindness is a Boomerang.’ The team set up a booth with a board titled ‘Give what you can; Take what you need.’ In the ‘Give what you can’ section, students could write kind notes or words of encouragement and place them in the respective envelopes according to the theme. When students need uplifting messages, they could take a note from any of the envelopes, thus creating a loop of positive vibes.