Nanyang Girls’ High School

Spill The Positeavity

“Let’s turn the negative expression of “spill the tea” into something positive and encourage online users to spread positivity and kindness within the community instead!”

By: Ong Sze Teng, Hilda, Charlein Ho Jia Ai, Tan Pei Lynn, Jolyn, Wendy Tong Pei Wei

Inspire kindness in the online community.

Raise awareness about the adverse effects of cyberbullying to combat instances of people using the internet for ill means and spreading negativity.

An online campaign on Instagram; @spillthepositeavity.

Tips on good online etiquette where posted; target audience aged between 11 and 20 years old.


In addition to paid-advertisements, a school-wide campaign was launched to introduce the project; 260 followers were gained during the course of the campaign.