Nanyang Girls’ High School

Interweb Spiders


Uniformed Group: Girl Guides, St John Brigade – Group E
Done by: Chloe Chia Ning En, Stefanie G. Koh, Wong Li En, Lim Yan Kit, Ngiam Hui En, Chan Lok Kit (Zeng Leqi).

Theme: Cyber Kindness

A team of students launched the “Interweb Spiders” online campaign, using a play on words and accompanying visuals for an attention-grabbing Instagram account. They shared a wide array of cyber kindness quotes and downloadable wallpapers on their page. To enhance audience engagement, they also incorporated Instagram reels showcasing their “Cyber Kindness Interviews” series, which gathered their schoolmates’ experiences and thoughts relating to cyber kindness. The students hoped to inform and also actively involve their peers in the creation of a safer and kinder cyber space.