Nan Hua High School

Our Everyday Heroes

“Those in the service industry should be appreciated as they have sacrificed their weekends and late nights so that we could live comfortably.”

By: Goh Yi Lin, Liang Zhen Jonathan, Lim Chang Yi, Ng Zhan Yang, Ryan Verghese, See Tho Win Hon, Tan Yu Jin, Tee Xin Ying, Zhang YuXin

Show appreciation for the “silent” heroes in our lives such as cleaners, security guards, public transport service crew etc.

The efforts of these people are often neglected.

Bus interchanges, MRT stations, markets, food centres and convenience shops around Clementi estate.

Project is broken down into three stages, from the collection of plastic bags, transforming the plastic bags into flowers, writing appreciation cards and distribution of gifts.

Every member of the team was able to give the flowers to a certain “capeless hero”, be it stall owners, cleaners or security guards, such that they can express their gratitude towards these people who have contributed quietly to our society.