Meridian Secondary School

Cyber Duck & Frog ( Sally the duck, Jesse the frog)


Uniformed Group: Red Cross Youth
By: Hazel Ng Mun Heng (Group Leader), Anne Liew Jia Yan, Jerrica Ong Si Xuan, Chng Wei Cheng Edward, Ethan Kok Zhi Yong, Chong Yao Jun, Liora Chandra.

Theme: Cyberbullying


  • Share what we should do when we are being cyberbullied.
  • Share the possible effects of cyberbullying, e.g low self esteem, loneliness and mental
    health issues.
  • Share Coping Mechanisms (Talking to a trusted friend, adult, counselor).
  • Teach how to use THINK before posting on social media.
  • Show them how to stay safe from strangers online, e.g. not interacting with people you
    do not know
  • How does the person being bullied feel.
    • look in the shoes of those who are cyber bullied.