Manjusri Secondary School

Mental Wellness in Scouts


Uniformed Group: Scouts – Group A
Done by: Dave Low Yun Tak, Rayne Tok (Zhuo Qi Hong), Soh Ming Rui, Jayvyn Woo Cheng Hang, Dungca Drew Nigel, Azrael Nur Ain Bin Zaini, Jaan Zheng Wen, Syahiran Bin Mohamed, Leong Xu Xiang Joel.

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

The Scouts worked on a digital campaign to raise awareness of mental health conditions and the stigma that tends to be attached to them. The team’s posts were also centered around hopeful messages referring to mental health as a journey, as well as quotes informing their viewers to spread kindness in their everyday interactions with others. The students hoped to encourage greater empathy and better well-being through their content.