Kranji Secondary School

KSJB: Mending Minds


Uniformed Group: St John Brigade – Group A
Done by: Veron Huang LeTong, Tricia Lee (Li Xuan Le), Tai Zhi Hao, Zakyy Bin Rizan, Chua Bing Xun Malcolm, Alya Elisha Binte Mohamad Rafi, Chan Kai Shun Elena (Chen Jia Xuan).

Theme: Mental Wellness & Empathy

In ‘Mending Minds’, the cadets thoroughly explored a wide range of mental health topics, ranging from anxiety to burnout. Not only did they share the symptoms of certain mental health conditions, but also how to keep a healthy mindset and reach out to others with kindness and empathy. The cadets’ creatively designed graphics complemented the information in their Instagram posts, allowing their page to serve as an educational tool while also spreading awareness of the importance of destigmatising mental illness.