Hougang Secondary School

Thanks for The Ride

“Values like gratitude, respect and compassion should be strongly emphasised.”

By: Beckham Ku, Lim Kang Rui, Guan Shao Jun, Gerald Yuan, Nelson Neo, Joseph Oon, Khoo Yong Jin

Show appreciation for the hard work of the Bus Captains, and give them credit for their efforts in keeping commuters safe.

Wanted to spread word about the values of gratitude, respect and compassion.

Hougang Bus Interchange.

Distributed and got them to write words of gratitude on note cards for the Bus Captains, hoping that such an initiative will encourage more of them to step forward to thank the Bus Captains.

Commuters who were keen to participate in the project were further encouraged to share appreciative messages on social media with the hashtag “thanks4theridesg”. More than 100 note cards from commuters were collected and given out to Bus Captains.