Hougang Secondary School

Project Sunshine

“Doing good deeds and being kind to the elderly does not equate to a large-scale event. We can all be nicer to our elders by helping them out with their daily tasks or even a small sincere smile.”

By: Siow Chun Wei, Ling Choon Siang, Chon Wei Cheng, Tay Jia Li Jamie, Jamie Tan Ying Xuan, Lim Jia Yi.

To tend to the welfare of the elderly in their community

By organising an event, they hope to improve their communication skills and in turn foster a better relationship with their own grandparents.

Community spaces

Guides and Scouts of Hougang Secondary School collaboratively organised bonding sessions with the elderly. Participants took part in various activities, including singing and games.

The team went door-to-door, placed posters in the vicinity and gave out flyers to invite the elderly to join them on Tuesdays for an evening of fun-filled activities.