Hillgrove Secondary School

An inclusive Society for foreign workers

Uniformed Group: Air Scouts
By: Chen Lin Li Keefe, Tam Yuan Lin, Alfred, Lui Xavier, Foong Jun Heng Manfred, Kiran Kishore, Huynh Dac Quy, Yak Ren Kai, Cheang Chai Lek, Bernard, Muhhammad Danish Mirza Bin Norazhar, Misajon Eon Joselson Ganzon, Wee Liang Jie, Leong Swee En Tiffany, Nur Aisyah Qaisara Binte Zulkiffli.

Theme: Local Foreigner integration

To do our part as Hillgrove Scouts to educate other students in the school on the challenges faced by foreign workers. Through this, we would create an infographic on the life of foreign workers living in Singapore. This will be created after we have interviewed the foreign workers who would drop by our school to help in maintenance work etc. The infographic will include their living conditions, daily life and the challenges faced by them.