Hillgrove Secondary School

The Importance of Mental Health - It will be OK

Uniformed Group: Air Scouts
By: Pek Zheng Yong, Nevan Leong Chong En, Kenneth Koh Kai Zhuan, Atritra Roy, Seem Xin Hui Cindy, Joshua Chan Dao Ming, Darius Tan, Ong Shao Yang, Thomas San, Tan Jia Qi, Jasper, Sofiyyah Binte Mohamed Ariffin, Javier Pohniman, Syabil Muzaffar Bin Imran, Loh Kai Jie Caen, Lynn Htet Thura, Sim Chee Yee, Caelan, Lutf Arish Bin Abdul Latif, Arshad Nayaz Eshan.

Theme: Mental Health / Mental Wellbeing

To encourage our students / youths that it is ok to be not ok. Students will know that they are not alone and there are people around who can support them. We would have a booth to raise awareness on mental health. At the booth, students can take quoted bookmarks and scan the qr codes to access a padlet to send a dedicated message and song to relieve stress, encourage the students and enjoy the music.