Gan Eng Seng Secondary School

Cyber Wellness

“Being kind on the internet is as important as being kind in real life.”

By: Ariharan Shankar, Gabriel Ho Zhi Hui, Ong Jia Xuan Kelly, Walwyn Lee Zhiyu, Avelyn Lai Shi Ying, Nicky Ho Kin Kou, Priscilla Lium Si Yao, Nusrat Sultana Binte Mohd Iqbal

Raise awareness on safety in cyber wellness and show how important being kind on the internet is.

Many neglect being kind on the internet.

School and Scape.

Booths were set up in school and Scape to inform people what the campaign was about through activities like photo booth and information boards. Sunflowers were given out to the public for visiting the booth.

The public signed on pledge cards to pledge to spread the word of safety in cyber wellness.