Gan Eng Seng Secondary School

Project Spread Goodwill

“Even seemingly tiny acts of kindness goes a long way and impacts many.”

By: Yeon Chow Yi Hong, Nicole Seraphina Don, Liong Wei Yong, Deen, Enver Lee Zheng Feng, Bernice Tan XinYi, Chen Jun Shen, Toh Wen Hui, Syarifah Aneesa, A Priyadarshini

Make a long-term impact in our community and spread kindness and graciousness to the workforce and the public.

Team named “The Kool Kind Kids” found out through surveying of 150 respondents that the top three most unappreciated workers in Singapore were cleaners, construction workers and nurses.

Singapore General Hospital.

Simple kind acts such as opening doors for the public were carried out, followed by encouraging the public to write notes of appreciation to these three most unappreciated occupations.

Notes were presented in a scrapbook along with a basket of fruits to the nurses. Public were open to the team’s gestures and eager to learn about the project. They contributed by signing the scrapbook and took polaroids to be pasted in the book.