Edgefield Secondary School

Project Scatter Kindness

“Interaction between neighbours will develop harmony among them and thus, they are less likely to quarrel with each other.”

By: Koh Tze Xuan, Roxana Yeo Xi Wen, Chung Yi Xuan Joleen, Muhammad Nabil Hakeem, Neo Jun Wee Leshawn, Yeo Yi An, Low Ji Woon Bryan.

Promote interaction between neighbours and encourage neighbours to show appreciation for each other using kind words.

Neighbours are sometimes shy and do not wish to make the first move.

A housing block in Punggol

Students of Edgefield Secondary School encouraged residents to write messages for their neighbours on helium balloons. These balloons were then presented to the neighbours, or tied on the doors of neighbours who were not at home.

Helium balloons were used to deliver messages between apartments. The initiative was well received – half of the units in the block participated in the activity.