East Spring Secondary School (B)

Why Don't We Just Clean

“Kindness happens, when you do a service which benefits others, from the bottom of your heart.”

By: Nurqistina Atiqah Binte Abu Bakar, Siti Aishah Binte Tukiman, Leland Tan Jin Jie, Izz Zairah Binte Mohamed Rizal, Koh Chin Xin Wallace, Ethan Hoo Wei De, Johann Lin Guan Xuan, Allanigue Elbert Troy Cabaluna , Dylan Low Han Ther

Remind patrons to show appreciation to cleaners.

Lessen the burden of the cleaners during the busy periods (e.g. lunch hour) and enable faster turnover of tables (greater consideration of others).

Tampines Mart Kopitiam.

Correct the misconception that the tray-return habit deprives cleaners of their job.

Help cleaners return used cutleries and trays and cleaned the tables of debris.