East Spring Secondary School (Scouts) - A

What to Do Against Cyberbullying

“Some people might think that cyberbullying is a light matter, but only cyberbully victims truly know how it feels like to be bullied and made fun of.”

By: Hariz Adlan Bin Mazalan, Nur Meliany Binti Syofian, Noor Dayana Binte Abdul Rahim, Ryan Addie Lau, Niikki Teo Wei Cheng, Leonce Lim, Rizq Enrieqal Bin Md Yazmin

Stop cyberbullying and spread the work of kindness.

Teenagers are increasingly becoming victims or perpetrators of cyberbullying.

Tampines Hub.

Sharing about consequences of and ways to stop cyberbullying.

Cards with kind words were given out (as ways to stop cyberbullying, or encourage victims of cyberbullying).