East Spring Secondary School (NCC)

Keep The Beaches Clean

“We want to inspire others to take responsibility by cleaning the beach for all to enjoy.”

By: Sylvester Ng, Abdul Raziq B Abdul Jaleel, Ng Eng Kiat, Abdullah B Ibrahim, Ryan Joshua Bolang, Darius Tan Rui En, Rizq Azmirul Bin Zulkarnain, Lim Zi Le, Muhammad Dani B Kamarudin, Thaddeus Koon, Chong Yiat Tin Keanne, Keith Low Weihan

Encourage all to show greater consideration for the next (beach) user and cultivate social awareness and responsibility.

Everyone has a part to play in maintaining the general cleanliness of the environment.

Pasir Ris Park Beach.

Spoke about the importance of taking ownership of our beaches.

Encouraging beach users to clean up after themselves, and suggest ways to make the environment more conducive and pleasant.