East Spring Secondary School

Creating a Kinder Singapore

“They hope to be able to create a kinder, friendlier Singapore by encouraging more acts of kindness, especially in the integration of community groups.”

By: Brandon Wee Kai Chuan, Caleb Huaxi Yu Ci, Cydnie Na, Dashiell Tay Jie En, Heng Hui Xin Cheryl, Nicolette Chiong Jia Ying, Nuramira Bte Fazali, Sarah Wah Zixuan

Spread kindness and encourage greater integration of migrant workers within the local community.

Many people do not understand the importance of integration.

Public spaces in neighbourhoods.

Team offered drinks to students and had conversations to learn more about them. Gave out origami hearts with messages of kindness to residents around the area.

Although there was a language barrier, the team persevered and managed to bring their appreciative thoughts across. The team became more appreciative of the importance of communication.