Deyi Secondary School

Kinder Neighbours, Better Community


Uniformed Group: NCC (Land)
Done by: Astin Thapa, Woon Yu Fan, Archer, Isaac Koh Keng Ian, Ebel Tan, Leong Chun Hei, Javier, Rithish Raventhiran, Ho Yu Rui, Jayden Tan Xun Feng, Mohammad Aniq Ian Bin Mohammad Sophian, Ong Hua Jin, Vijaybilla, Ethan Tan Jia Sheng, Ravin Kummar S/O Palani, Sreeny Chelliah Prabanjan Chelliah.

Theme: Neighbourliness

The team developed infographics to advocate for stronger ties among neighbours, sharing tips such as offering help to our neighbours and celebrating cultural festivities together. In addition to these infographics on their Instagram page, they also filmed a skit demonstrating simple actions that individuals can adopt to be a kind and considerate neighbour. This video was posted on Instagram as a means of sharing relatable content on what it means to be a good neighbour.