Compassvale Secondary School 2019 - A

Show Kindness to Our Neighbours

I hope my neighbours like me as I like them too.”

By: Fan Rui Xuan Anabel, Wong Shi Hui, Aina Adriana Binte Zahrain, Ashriana Binte Ahmad Ashraf, Berleen Kaur D/O Curdeep Singh, Jeannie Tiang Qi Qi, Lau Yu Xuan Charmaine, Rania A R Mordiffi, Larisa Dana Tan Xin En, Song Yu, Constance Ng Yuheng, Tan June Jee

Raise awareness of showing kindness to our neighbours.

Encourage the public to show love and concern to the people who live near them.

An online campaign on Instagram; @our.neigh_bours.

Tips on how to build positive relationship with your neighbours.

Research was done to identify neighbour-related issues; 50 followers were gained during the course of the campaign.