Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Building Bridges

Uniformed Group: St John Brigade – Group C
Done by: Kerelle Lee Yun Xuan, Lee Min Xue Rein, Lim Wee Tong Julian, Shannon-mae Lim Cheng En, Shervalle Gow Yu Xi, Tan Rui Jun Jayden.

Theme: Foreigner-Local Integration

Driven by the goal of fostering a sense of belonging among foreigners in Singapore, the students initiated a campaign called “Building Bridges” to encourage members of the public to express their appreciation for migrant workers’ contributions. This campaign unfolded at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, where the students engaged with members of the public, inviting them to write encouraging notes for foreign workers. These notes were pasted on two boards which were then presented as gifts for the foreign workers as the students explained their efforts.