Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Write a Note, Receive a Note

Uniformed Group: St John Brigade – Group B
Done by: Cayden Ho, Leong Qi En NIcole, Ong Min Yuh, Ong Xue Qi Cassandra, Ong Zhi Shan, Tan Pin Quan, Wee Yuhui Jermaine.

Theme: General Kindness

In an effort to raise awareness about well-being and kindness amongst members of the public, the team launched the ‘Write a Note, Receive a Note’ campaign. The primary focus of this initiative was to show care to those who are having personal struggles and to raise awareness about being kind and supportive to others. The team approached youths outside of the National Library. These youths were tasked to write down words of encouragement and pass it on to the next person to spread kindness. Many youths participated in the campaign and enjoyed the experience.