Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Heart-to-Heart: Kindness Makes Us One

Uniformed Group: St John Brigade – Group A
Done by: Ang Geng-Hun Ethan, Evelyn Khoo Xian En, Iden Lau Wen Feng, Joey Wong, Koh Poh Kim, Shen Tsai Wei, Tan Cheng Xi.

Theme: Neighbourliness

With the objective of fostering neighbourliness within the Bedok community, a team of students initiated a campaign titled ‘Heart-to-Heart: Kindness Makes Us One.’ This heartfelt campaign centred on encouraging neighbours to practise kindness towards each other to cultivate a warm and harmonious environment. Working in smaller teams, these students went around Bedok Mall and various HDB areas in the neighbourhood to gather opinions about neighbourliness. The consensus was clear; most people embraced the idea of uniting Singaporeans to promote peace and prevent conflicts in the community.