CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent

A Healthful Space


Uniformed Group: St John Brigade
By: Tan Si Xuan Renee (Chen SiXuan), Clara Chen Le Qi, Afraah Fatimah, Pan Xuan Hui, Chloe Tay XinHui, Shravya Sathishkumar, Chloe Ann De Souza, Shalini Raja, Jerrica Tay Yu Xuan, Joslyn Mercy Joseph, Neo Geok Hwee Rhoda (Liang YuHui), Valerie Tan (Chen JinWen), Gohar Yashika, Lim Hui En, Tyann Clare, Raylyn Ong Si Yi, Clarabelle Chiew EnQi.

Theme: Mental Wellness and Empathy

Our page is meant to spread positivity and empathy. It is believed that many teenagers, schoolmates or seniors are suffering from depression or anxiety, with high stress levels caused by different reasons. Simply by reading up about tips on how to manage stress and have better mental wellness could help them. Everyone has some potential to strive, or to be positive. Some however face struggles in their daily lives since they have problems finding that potential within themselves. With some mental wellness tips, they should be able to clear their minds, making space for their potentials to shine and spread more positivity around their lives and be more active! Practising empathy is also beneficial! Some practises include not judging others or lending a listening ear to friend in need of someone to share about their problems.