CHIJ Katong Convent

Spreading Kindness

“The first-hand experience truly warmed their hearts while promoting a greater sense of awareness and appreciation of the community around them.”

By: Ayesha Ridhwana Bte Mohd Naina, Bai Chengyao, Chua Kheng Yee, Ereshma Balasubramani, Joyce Pang Huiting, Koh Rui Ling, Li Xu Wen Wendy, Nur Najla Bte Mohammadnoh, Oviya Namo, Rehana Bte Mohamed Sidiqali M, Shaira Hossain, Hanan Hafeezah Bte Farhan.

To encourage the team’s graduating seniors who were taking their final exams.

Majority of students have experienced stress in school, especially when sitting for exams.

Public spaces and the team’s school.

Created handmade cards and a small heart-shaped token made from straws to be given out.

Approached members of the public and the graduating students to distribute the handmade cards and tokens. Campaign was well appreciated among the recipients.