Catholic High School

Project Gratitudo (Part 1)


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group A
Done by: Daniel Wong Yan Zu, Hugo Christopher Koh Ern Lue, Tok Kong Lok, Gregory Lim Kin-Yi, Wang Hao Ming, Ho Zhen Wei Joshua, Reygan Low Cheng En, Darren Chua Cheng Xu, Teoh Yoke Chuan, Wang Haolin.

Theme: Foreigner-Local Integration

In partnership with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-profit organisation dedicated to alleviating the financial burden of migrant workers, the cadets held a donation drive in school. With careful coordination, the cadets collected 689 daily essentials for 80 migrant workers, with strong support from their peers and teachers. This project ended in great success as the cadets surpassed their initial goal of collecting 400 items and gained a newfound appreciation and respect for the migrant workers.