Canberra Secondary School

Canberra's puts the E in Empathy


Uniformed Group: National Cadet Crops(Sea)
By: Rohan Sivanantham, Muhammad Shahfi Aqil Bin Muhammad Shah Wee, Muhammad Faris Man Bin Muhammad Azhar, Khyrul Faatithin Bin Mohammed Faizal, Muhammad Zufar Sharif Bin Muhammad Zaidi, Daren Ng Zhi Ming, Lim Le Xuan Anastasia, Wong Wilbur Felipe, Wang YingTing, Lim En Qi, Nivitta Sabu.

Theme: Mental Wellness and Empathy

A post about information on mental health and the things about it, another post on ways to help someone with mental health like depression. We use depression as an example. We also did discussions on 2 polls about what people think about mental health.