Bedok View Secondary School

Will People Help?

“Teamwork was displayed through the entire experiment.”

By: Valerie Lee, Sarah Abigail Budimulia, Nur Shafiqah Nabila bte Abdullah, Humaira bte Phiroze, Farheen Ibrahim Shaikh, Nur Fazeela D/O Iqbaldeen, Nadhirah bte Azman, Nur Ain bte Muhamad Rashid, Choo Chin Hiang, Nur Uzma bte Hatmin, Quay Xin Yi, Azlin Shazwani bte Azhar, Tan Jin Yee

Find out if Singaporeans will lend a helping hand towards victims of bully.

Many think that Singaporeans are apathetic.

Public spaces.

Students created a scene such as playing the victim taunted by a bully.

Members of the public that helped the victim out shared their reactions. It was a success as the public helped out even though they did not know the victim.