Bedok South Secondary School

Kids for Kindness

“Learning how to be gracious has to be nurtured since young. It is important to understand that each child learns differently and at their own pace.”

By: Toh Hong Jing, Starr Wong, Adrian Pang, Jon-Chrisson Goh, Xavian B Muhammad Yunos, Marcus Chong, Veron Ong, Shi Cheng Hong, Leonard Gan, Theo Tie, Juan Paolo Alop Sawit.

Educate primary school students, namely those in Primary 1 and 2, to behave more kindly to people around them.

Children need models rather than critics and the best way to teach them about kindness is to be a good role model of ourselves.

Masterhand Student Care Centre

The team worked with about 25 students, presenting on the importance of showing kindness, demonstrated some kind words and actions, and carried out role-playing games to teach them empathy. The “Emotions Charade”, where other children have to guess the emotions their friends acted out, helps children learn to be respectful of each other’s feelings.

Notes of appreciation were written to the student’s friends and family. Despite challenges, they were very participative in activities.