Bedok South Secondary School

Project Trayformers

“Being gracious doesn’t have to be something big and demanding;
a simple act to help the people around us is sufficient to make Singapore a kinder nation.”

By: Quek Min Hui, Tricia Tan Qiu Wen, Nur Shakila Bte Arshad, Carissa Lee May Kwan, Vicky Lin Wei Kie, Gerald Lin Junhan, Clifford Tay Jing Rong, Martin Wang Liang Sen

Promote graciousness among diners by encouraging them to keep shared dining environments clean and pleasant.

Believe that Singaporeans are socially responsible and have empathy for others.

Century Square, Food Junction

A combined effort by Guides and Scouts of Bedok South Secondary School to garner patrons’ pledges to “return trays after dining”. Patrons who were given sweets as a token of appreciation for their support.

357 pledges were collected in total. Members of the public were supportive of their cause and believed that the simple act would benefit cleaners who were older or had disabilities.