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East Coast Park Beach Cleaning

“It seems more accurate to call us a “cleaned” city.”

By: Jonathan Elijah Chia Ren Kai, Luke Tan Zhaonian, Nihar Yogeshkumar Kantaria, Yue Wei An Joshua, Coel Tan Jing Zhi, Ian Goh Zhi En, Shea Yue, Lee Xiu Qi, Arthur, Jonathan Lau Wei Siang, Yeo Jun Zhe Ethan, Murugesh Parthiv, Lim Zhi Xian Zaphen

To raise awareness about keeping the environment clean and promote neighbourliness.

Both young and old have a part to play in keeping the environment clean.

East Coast Park

Encouraged members of the public to pick up after themselves.

Spoke about the shared responsibility in maintaining cleanliness.